Neural Machine Translation (NMT) - The Future of Translation?

Any professional translator will tell you that technology is an important part of our daily work. Whether it's simply having an Internet connection to reference dictionaries to CAT tools (e.g., Wordfast) and translation memories, technology is essential to doing our job efficiently.

This article talks about neural machine translation (NMT), an innovation that I'd never heard of. Like most technology these days, it's advancing at a frenetic pace. We'll see how things develop and how it affects those of us in the translation industry.

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Incorrect Spanish Translations Cause Voting Problems

Getting out the vote in the United States is hard enough as it is. But when you add in more difficulties because of incorrect translations or localizations that have missing information, it can be a huge problem. Currently, federal law requires that voter be made available in "minority languages" in more than 200 U.S. jurisdictions, so when issues arise, it can be problematic.

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