AS LONG AS YOU EXIST - a poem by Ángel González

mientras tu existas.jpg

I recently discovered a poem called "Mientras tú existas" by the Spanish poet Ángel González. and had the opportunity to recite the original version during the annual poetry festival held in Alhama de Granada, a small town about 50 kilometers from Granada, Spain.

I saw that it hadn't been translated into English as of yet, so I couldn't resist and humbly offer my translation of this lovely poem below. I edited it slightly to make it fit the constraints of English, but the idea comes across. You can also check out a recording of González reading the original poem himself, if you're curious. 

Here's my translation of the poem by González. 

Ángel González

As long as you exist,
and as long as I search for you
beyond the hills;
as long as nothing
but your image
fills my heart and there exists
the remote possibility that you are alive
somewhere, illuminated
by a light, any light at all…

                                              As long as
I can sense your way of being and
your name, which is
so very small; my love,
I will continue to be
tormented by distance,
under that love which grows and does not die,
under that love that continues without end.


By the way, if you haven't gotten the opportunity to read any of González's work, I highly recommend his books of poetry. Only two currently exist in English: Harsh World and Other Poems (Princeton University Press, 1977, translated by Donald Walsh) and Astonishing World: The Selected Poems of Ángel González (Milkweed Editions, 1993, translated by Steven Ford Brown).