"Laugh Until Your Navel Falls Out" - Translating Idioms


This entertaining game was on The Guardian and was perfect to share. One of the wonderful things when you're learning a new language is exploring its idioms and expressions. Spanish is full of them: estar entre la espada y la pared for example translates to our equivalent in U.S. English as being between a rock and a hard place. This is also one of the challenges a translator comes across in their work and can be one of the most difficult (and entertaining) parts of the job.

From the article (no spoilers - don't worry):

"A Spanish saying used in Argentina, "Querer la chancha, los veinte y la máquina de hacer chorizos”, translates as “to want the sow, the 20 and the sausage-making machine". Which means?

A. To be a remarkably indulgent carnivore.

B. To want to have your cake and eat it too.

C. Someone who believes in the benefits of economic interventionism."